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6 PR and Social Media Tips to Set You Up for Success in 2016

By Jiver on January 6, 2016

So you’re coming off the holiday high and now your goal is to kill it this year. You envision bigger, better campaigns – attracting media to cover your story and social media influencers to endorse your brand. Here are 6 key PR and social media tips to put into action to help bulletproof your brand strategy for the new year.

1. Review the data.

Compile your most successful PR and social media campaigns and find out what worked best and what didn’t. It sounds simple enough, but people forget to reflect on the analytics. In effect, did timing and frequency influence the success rate of a press release or post? Is there a particular theme or topic that your audience engages well with?

2. Update, update, update.

Media, bloggers and influencers go through their own changes, shifts and re-brands. Make sure to update your media, blogger and influencer lists with relevant information. Media lists should now include Twitter handles for social media pitching and current blog post rates to help you allocate your budget. Keep on top of this throughout the year.

3. Build a content calendar.

If you’re managing a weekly blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, your best bet is to create a content calendar. It keeps you organized and on track since you aren’t conjuring up topics on the spot. Set monthly themes/topics and divide your focus about your brand, your clients or industry advice. This will help hone your ideas and make crafting content a cinch.

4. Leverage national days, seasons, and months.

Use national days, changing seasons and key dates to add flavour to your social media content and pitch angles. It shows that you are on top of current events and adds a fun flair, such as National Doughnut Day or globally recognized Earth Day.

5. Create your own visuals.

It’s all about branded content nowadays and what better way to increase your presence then to customize it. You no longer have to use your in-house Adobe expert to create content rich graphics for social media. Try using web-based systems like Canva or PicMonkey to create your work of art.

6. Introduce brand specific hashtags.

Brand specific hashtags like #LoveJiveLife gives a personal touch to social media posts and sets yourself apart as a brand. Don’t forget to implement frequently used hashtags in tandem to get eyeballs on your channel.

Remember, social media and PR are moving away from followers and likes – looking towards higher-level, thoughtful and mutually beneficial relationships. Build a strategy that blends online and offline tactics and you’ll be set for success this year.

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