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A New Chapter for Jive

By Jiver on March 2, 2016

You may or may not follow one of the many Jivers on Twitter and Instagram, but at a minimum you’re hopefully following us on @JivePR (which is how you may have found this blog). And if you’re not following us – do so now on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

As we embark on a semi-new, more integrated journey into the digital space, you may have noticed a little change. Our avid followers in Canada know us as Jive Communications and in building our digital marketing and social media portfolio, we have officially established ourselves as Jive PR + Digital. If you’re reading this blog on jiveprdigital.com you are already aware of the change and if not, you can find our other website here: Jive PR + Digital.

What does this change mean for our clients?

We are still the same all-star PR and social media agency you know and love, but we have more digital talent to execute stronger social PR and digital marketing campaigns.

Understanding changes in the media landscape, our focus is on building authentic relationships with community influencers and finding unique ways to tell your story and have it be heard.

What does this mean?

Influencer engagement, branded content and video, digital and social media advertising, and guaranteed paid placements will be at the forefront of our services. Event production and management will also be at our fingertips allowing us to combine media relations with online and offline engagement – the ultimate trifecta of customer experience.

On a side note, 2016 has been a great year for our Jivers in all three offices. Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver (as of yesterday) teams are cozy in their new offices and if you want to visit us – feel free to drop us a line!

If you’re a new client wanting to find out more about what we do, email us at: info@jiveprdigital.com

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