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What do you do to show appreciation for your donors?

By Cindy Kok on January 2, 2016

As a longstanding and beloved organization, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC (BGC) wanted to pay it forward to the generous sponsors and donors who continue to help its program thrive!

Our Top Humble Brags

Jive spearheaded a feel-good social media campaign that leveraged partner/donor amplification. Using affectionate hashtags, such as #BGCBestie, #LoveBombs and shout outs, BGC was able to engage and promote organizations that were its main funding source – donors and sponsors. As a result, Jive helped:

How We Did It

Jive took an uncharacteristic approach to BGC’s social media strategy. Rather than using BGC’s social channels as a way to endorse programming, we strategically targeted companies to promote recent corporate volunteer visits, fist-pumped sponsor achievements and engaged with potential partners around major events. This created organic traction and a fuzzy feeling of corporate social responsibility without the formal nuances.


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