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Why Doing Good is Good for Your Mental Health

By Jiver on June 2, 2016

You’ve heard the age old adage that doing good is good for business. Some companies may stress this from a triple bottom line perspective or that it will help boost their brand image from a PR standpoint. However, at Jive, we believe doing good is more than that. It starts at the individual level where it permeates through the organization and translates into overall improved mental health. Our team is naturally akin to giving back as we focus on social enterprises and environmental initiatives. Integrating this into our business is a regular resolve since we’re enthusiastic in helping our clients.

How does this play into mental health? Here are 3 reasons why doing good is good for you:

Doing good increases creativity

The non-profits we work with such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation and Freedom For All remind us that we must lead by example and balances well with our brand and entertainment clients. Focusing on a cause opens our minds to more creativity since the approach differs from a brand, product or service. When we’re pitching a story about health and wellness or why someone should contribute to a cause, we create stories from our beliefs and passions – tapping into a different mindset and enabling us to think creatively.

Doing good reminds us to be good to ourselves

When we hear stories of unfortunate circumstances or crises, we find an appreciation for the little things in life. Having optimistic and mindful clients inspires us to take action to be better, such as going for mid-day walks, taking the time to volunteer or implementing green initiatives.

Doing good gives us purpose

It’s important to work to live instead of live to work and this applies to social responsibility. By blending socially responsible causes into our lives, it helps define our individual sense of purpose. It enhances our ability to think outside the confines of our day-to-day tasks by making subtle changes, whether it be minimizing the impact to the environment or creating awareness for a cause.

Other than the overall benefits to our mental health, doing good contributes to our community as a whole and is something that makes us feel good too. 😊

ICYMI Social Media Update: While we were looking forward to writing novels with the rumoured 10,000 character tweets, Twitter has finally put a kibosh to the idea for something more reasonable. Some of our favourite actions will no longer be included in the 140-character count! [Insert Celebration Meme Here] What does this include? @ mentions, media attachments like photos, GIFs and videos.

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