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Earth Day 2.0: Spark Your Inner Earthling

By Jiver on April 20, 2016


From our offices in Toronto, LA to Vancouver, we all get to bask in the wonder of Mother Nature. But to us, Earth Day means more than celebrating what we’ve been given. It’s also about how we protect it and the people that use it.

As PR and digital marketing pros, we know that sustainability and green living is in the shadows of any campaign – no matter how big or small. We’re also a group of wicked #GirlBosses who KNOW we’re ready to make global change.

That’s why we’re celebrating, what we call, Earth Day 2.0. We all know the basic changes we can make in our daily lives to make a greener planet, but how can we be the movers, the shakers, and the impact makers?

So if you want to join us in a revolution, read up on some of our go-tos for inspiration, information and innovation. Because, knowledge is power, right?

1. Fast Co. Exist: Under the Fast Company umbrella, Co. Exist gives a snapshot of companies and people that change the way we live through sustainability, education, health, etc.

2. Sustainable Brands: Get your fill of brands that merge profit and sustainability. From clean tech to eco-fashion, it’s easy to see who’s spearheading the newest environmental initiatives and ways you can insert your company into the conversation!

3. Triple Pundit: Tackling social, environmental and economic challenges, this is a must-read to learn from the CSR and environmental successes (and some pitfalls) from global brands.

4. Huffington Post Impact: While environmental impact is only a small part of what makes up Huffpost’s Impact blog, we love staying up-to-date on how individuals and communities make the world a better place.

Even if you’re not in the business of keeping up with daily headlines, innovations and general news, give these sites a read. If anything, it will give you a little inspiration to go out and make some positive change in the world!

So get creative, get innovative and lets create a better planet, together.

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