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#JiveTalk: An Intimate Conversation Between Media & Publicists at BinderCon LA

By Jive PR + Digital on April 13, 2017


If you work in the world of PR or are familiar with it at all, you know there is a special relationship (and a delicate dance) that happens between media and publicists.

As Jive’s Co-Founder, I was invited to sit on a panel of media industry experts in Los Angeles at the annual BinderCon Conference last Saturday held at UCLA.

Fellow panelists included:

What ensued was a lively, informative and inspiring conversation that talks about the importance of cutting through noise when pitching media and knowing your audience.

It’s no shock that journalists are time starved and have hundreds of story options to write about, that’s why Jive was surprised to find out that some people will still pitch media with generic cut and paste email — “Dear Sir or Madam….” OUCH!

In order to help people pitch better (and save media from obnoxious emails), we decided to share a few points I brought up on the panel about ways to successfully pitch media.

The Do’s & Don’t’s

All in all, it was a fantastic panel and shows that PR, when done right, can be extremely effective — and when done wrong, well, let’s just say you won’t get that far.

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