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How do you make people believe in the paranormal?

By Jiver on January 2, 2016

Veteran gaming director Keith Arem, known for Call of Duty and Titanfall, set to release his ‘transmedia’ project, The Phoenix Incident. Aside from attracting “The Truth Is Out There” crowd, Jive embarked on a cross-platform media journey to ignite conversations leading up to the two-stage film release.

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Jive achieved out-of-this-world campaign goals by successfully leveraging its theatrical release and honing in on genre, UFO, gaming and mainstream media that resulted in:

How We Did It

Jive’s pitch strategy transcended the UFO, gaming and genre world by tying in Keith Arem’s acclaimed gaming background, technology and business entertainment focus. We stepped into the Phoenix Lights and educated media on the unique transmedia nature of the film and the concept of disclosure.

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