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Social Media Superstitions

By Jiver on May 11, 2016

As we take caution this upcoming Friday the 13th to avoid stepping on a crack or break our mother’s back, walking under a ladder, or crossing paths with a black cat, we forget that social media comes with its own set of superstitions. You may have the urge to belt out Stevie Wonder… 🎶 very superstitious, writings on the wall 🎶 …but let’s hold that thought for a moment.

Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality—that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events. Social media has a clear cause and effect that can usually be explained. Here are 5 ‘superstitions’ that contradict the science of social media.

1. The Content Creation Fallacy

When you are continuously creating content, you start getting into the habit of producing similar posts or repeating the same patterns. This is where the superstition or aversion to change takes effect. You fear that changing your routine will mess up the dynamic of your social media campaign, but current tactics are not adding value. Try tweaking or modifying things a piece at a time so that you can A/B test what is working and what is not to slowly improve your strategy.

2. The Set It and Forget It Mentality

You’ve seen success with a certain type of social media post before, so you do it again. This time, you feel that you don’t need to monitor it because similar content received 100 link clicks and over 10,000 impressions within 24 hours in the past. But what you forgot was your past post was linked to a relevant news story at the time. Superficial analysis is deadly; so find a deeper correlation on why a post was successful.

3. The Copy Cat Effect

You see your competitors finding success in their posts so you choose to post similar content to reap the same benefit. But wait…it’s not receiving the same traction. Even though your competitors may have a comparable business structure, they may have a different audience that follows their social media channels. Find your unique value proposition and interests to your audience, Twitter Analytics provides a rough idea of your audience’s interest and demographic.

4. The Beating A Dead Horse Approach

Sometimes you love your content so much that you want others to love it as much as you do. So you blast it out multiple times a day and hope that you can will it to work. But no matter how hard you try, no one is liking, sharing, or clicking on it. [Insert battle cry here – think Braveheart] This is where you, unfortunately, admit defeat and create an engaging post for your audience.

5. The Social Media Maven Mistake

Last but not least, there are instances where you get tunnel-vision after reading an article by a well-known social media maven and turn into The Simpsons: The Springfield Files alien. You religiously follow every word they say, whether it’s the importance of engagement rate or being on all of the social media channels and kick yourself when you aren’t achieving their greatness.

May 11 2016 - Graphic #5

Don’t fret. There are general social rules to follow, but there are no perfect formulas. At the end of the day, find out what works for you without getting caught up in the superstition.

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