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Social Sunshine: Where to Find a Digital Dose of Happiness

By Jiver on March 23, 2016

While some of you might take an Amanda Marshall attitude toward the wet stuff (90’s throwback reference!), we know some of you find our Spring showers a downright downer.

Although this season’s rain makes our greens greener, feeds flowers to bloom and refreshes the world around us, when it’s pouring things can seem a little gray. So we’ve sourced a little social sunshine you can use to digitally brighten your world while the real one is soaking.


Why we love it: Wish you were in a flower-filled meadow, lit by the gentle glow of a mid-day sun (yeah, we all do)? With Calm you can digitally transport yourself there and take a moment of mindfulness within your bustling day.


The Nicest Place on the Internet

Why we love it: At first we were like “People pretending to hug you through their computers? Really?” However after the first 30 seconds we were hooked. There is just something nice about strangers being nice to strangers! Bonus: It reminded us to hug the ones in our real life who matter.


Vancity Buzz’s 9 Good Things That Happened Around the World weekly roundup

Why we love it: If you’re not from Vancouver, BC, you may not be familiar with Vancity Buzz. Whether or not you are or aren’t, you should get to know Simran Singh’s weekly roundups of positivity. They’re a nurturing break from the regular news doom and gloom.


Funny People on Twitter

Like Keet Potato, Allie Borsh and Mara Wilson

Why we love them: We’re all on social media, all day every day. It can be hard to pause and remember to smile at small joys or laugh at something just because it’s silly. Following someone who nudges your funny bone is a great way to find an unexpected chuckle, even on a gray day.


Fur Babies on Instagram

Like Chu, Alfie and Sam

Why we love them: There is a pure innocence to our four-legged friends. While we’re worried about deadlines, thumbing through emails or frowning about the weather, our furry companions offer a reminder that life is much better when you focus on the softer side of things.

However, if none of these social sunshine outlets work to pick you up on a rainy day, we can always rely on a little Soul Pancake to brighten our brains: Kid President Pep Talk

Now pull up your (rain) boot straps, move forward with your day and be awesome. Whatever the weather!


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