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The Secrets to a Good Company Culture

By Jiver on February 17, 2016

As we wait in anticipation for the Small Business BC Awards (we were named a Top 5 Finalist), entrepreneurship and company culture come to mind.

What does the word entrepreneur mean to you?

“An entrepreneur is the driver, the vision and the momentum behind an idea/product/service. An entrepreneur has to be a good leader, and lead the vision and their team, to do great things.” – Almira Bardai

“To me the word ‘entrepreneur’ means a drive to do things differently. An insatiable curiosity and determination to make a difference in the world.” – Lindsay Nahmiache

What helped us get to the Top 5 in the Best Company category? Half of me wants to say gut instinct as I sat there on a chilly Friday mid-October morning filling out the nomination and thinking, “The timing is right.” Sure, awards submissions are my thing, but I believe it was a combination of entrepreneurship and our Jive culture that showcased our company’s quality.

So what makes a good company culture?

1. Passion

Almira’s and Lindsay’s definitions of entrepreneurship all lead to passion. Management plays a part in the company’s vision but it’s the day-to-day passion motivating each individual that makes us strive to do better in work and in life.

2. Authenticity and Supportiveness

We are all genuine and authentic with each other. We know not to take things personally during work, which leads to the ability to enjoy each other’s friendship outside of work. It is important to a company’s success to be able to create a separation and understanding within the team to avoid infighting.

3. Adaptability and Open-Mindedness

The reason why we are able to expand and keep growing is that we are adaptable and supportive to new ideas. As our industry is changing, particularly in media relations and digital marketing, the leaders understand that pivoting is important. We all feel empowered to improve, which effectively makes the company better too.

The moral of the story is that the entrepreneurs set the vision and it takes a team to do great things and complete that vision.

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