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Top 5 Reasons National Days Help Your Brand

By Jiver on February 10, 2016

So we’re just getting over the triple high of National Pizza Day, National Bagel Day and Pancake Day. All we have to say is… #carbsoncarbsoncarbs

We’re sure some of you are thinking that National Days are getting out of hand, while others are glad to have an excuse to get carbo-loaded or do something out of the ordinary to celebrate.

Why should brands get in on the conversation? Below are five reasons why it helps your brand, particularly on social media:

1. Increases Relevance

Whether you’re a small mom and pop or a big brand, it shows that your brand stays on top of trends and talks about more than what’s going on in their business. Individuals are seeking the human side of brands and any way to capture that through starting conversations is vital.

2. Enhances Recognition

Not only does it increase relevance for your current fans, but it helps bring awareness to those who haven’t heard about you. It helps your brand tackle demographic barriers that you may not have been able to enter in the past by finding engagement touchpoints with holiday themes.

3. Creates Content

If your digital marketing team is stuck on ideas for their monthly or quarterly campaigns, blending a few smaller National Day or holiday campaigns can help create a well-rounded digital marketing campaign. You can take the opportunity to create contests and share images to drive engagement and website traffic. With an especially witty Tweet or Instagram photo and caption, it can help showcase your brand’s fun side.

4. Reinforces Culture

If you have a fun and quirky culture, you’ll know that celebrating national days – whether it’s getting a dozen doughnuts (a.k.a. donuts) or doing random acts of kindness – reinforces the kind of culture you want to celebrate at your office.

5. Increase Revenue

If the lucky day is pertinent to your brand, which was the case Feb 9th for Domino’s, Pizza Hut, IHOP and one of our Canadian favourites, Tim Horton’s, these National Days can help increase sales for the day. You might not see a drastic shift, but acknowledging the National Day to your fans prior to the day and shortly after can help encourage engagement.

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