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What Makes Us Jive

By Jiver on February 3, 2016

February gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling – not only because it’s the month of love – but because it’s when Almira and Lindsay founded their entrepreneurial passion. Seven years and 15 employees later… we’ve built a culture and family that makes us #LoveJiveLife.

Here are the top seven things that make Jive, well… Jive!

1. Love Notes

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Love notes blossomed over two years ago when we wanted to find a way to share our love and kudos for one another. We place notes in a love note jar and read them out every Friday in our morning huddles. #LoveNotes


2. Bourbon and Bubbles

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We’ve always had a love for champagne. As we share an office with a company that loves bourbon, it was only natural to combine the two! We celebrate our wins by popping open the fizz and sipping on some bourbon on Friday afternoons. #BourbonandBubbles


3. The Skittles Jar

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We are suckers for chocolate, candy and other sweet vices. In order to boost our creativity, we have a Skittles jar filled to the brim to give our clients that colourful edge in their PR and digital marketing campaigns. #SkittlesJar


4. Team Building & Squad Goals

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Never one to shy away from the fun side of work, we have monthly team building activities from bubble soccer to kayaking. We make it a point to take coffee breaks and walks together including buying the same trinkets like Starbucks ceramic cups as one of our #SquadGoals.


5. People Plans

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Companies normally do quarterly or yearly reviews, but we do weekly check-ins! These one-on-one check-ins ensure that all Jivers are on track with their career and development goals. #PeoplePlan


6. Tea Time

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Sometimes we all need to unwind with some afternoon tea. A Jiver will call for a tea time where we take 15 minutes out of our day to sit, catch-up and chat about our personal lives. #TeaTime


7. Innovations

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We’re encouraged to come up with big and small creative ideas, methods, or processes that improve our work day, flow or adds to our culture. They typically transpire outside of our normal day-to-day on the job. #Innovations


Bonus Fun Fact: #LoveJiveLife was first used by a Jiver June 1st, 2012 and officially in Jive circulation June 18th, 2012

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